Hands-On Approach

I’m young enough that I totally understand how hellish and competitive the high school and college application system is, but experienced enough that I can transform your essay into the perfect finishing touch. When I applied to college, I went through the process completely by myself, because my immigrant parents couldn’t help and couldn’t afford to pay for help. This means I’ve read all the insider books about application essays and know every excruciating detail about crafting the best essay and application. I’m not a pretentious academic or disconnected editor.

Unique Qualifications

My dual journalism & copywriting career makes me especially suited to perfect your admissions essay. Thanks to my reporting background, I can determine which topic from your life will stand out most to an admissions officer. And with my branding experience, I can strategize how to market yourself as the perfect fit for every college. (Yup, that means different essays for different colleges).

Customized Edits

With my 4-Step Editing System, you can pick and choose which services you need a la carte. The customized editing options work for any student, from the ambitious sophomore who could use a branding session to narrow down her topic (Step 1) to the aspiring novelist senior who just needs help proofreading & cutting 500 words (Step 4).

Every edit lives on Google Docs, documented and preserved in the cloud. I am available for in-person meetings in the New York area and Skype/Google Hangout meetings everywhere else.