Level the Playing Field

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to go to a good school whether or not they can afford extra help with their application. I was an immigrant kid myself whose parents couldn’t pay for college consulting. That's why I'm making a commitment to donate my time and services to those who can't afford them . From partnering with schools to lead pro bono presentations and workshops to working one-on-one with underserved students, I take initiative to reach out and help kids who who would never seek me out in the first place.

Why This Matters

Students from the bottom 50% of the income distribution make up only 14% of undergrads at America's most competitive universities. That's not too surprising, sadly, when you consider that the average case load for high school counselors in high-poverty schools is 500-to-1, which is double the 250 recommended by the American School Counselor Association.

How It Works

I’m working with public school teachers across the nation to reach exceptional underprivileged students. To start, I'm currently partnering with local New York City public schools like the High School for Environmental Studies and the High School of Fashion Industries in addition to national non-profits like College Trak in Oakland. If you'd like to recommend a disadvantaged student for this free service, please get in touch.