Step 1: Choosing The Topic

This is a crucial starting point not to be overlooked: if your topic does not enhance the rest of your application, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your language is. Luckily, that's where I come in. First, I will interview you to find the unique angle that will help differentiate you. Second, I will study your application to discover what it's missing that should be explained. Third, I will help you brand your application to every school: we will cater each essay to each college and choose the topic strategically for each application.

Step 2: First Draft Outline

Once we decide on your topic, I’ll help you come up with an outline and narrative for your essay, complete with interviews to draw out the most compelling anecdotes and quotes that make the essay come to life. We will also brainstorm opening and closing hooks, as these are the most important for leaving a lasting impression with admissions officers.

ONE-TIME EDIT: Steps 3 + 4

Step 3: First Revision

This is where we’ll focus on refining the language, drawing out the most vivid storytelling, and making sure you have a riveting narrative arc while still impressing the admissions team with unique characteristics that help you stand out. This is also where we see the outline come alive, so this step may need to be repeated depending on how successful the revisions are.

Step 4: Final Proofreading

The final step in any essay: correcting for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and what even the best writers struggle with—word count.


Many students make the mistake of assuming these 150-350 word short essay can be dashed off quickly. However, these short essays are still a key to showing your personality and standing out. Submitting a super polished personal statement with a careless short answer is a big red flag. Though short, these supplemental essays should be strategized per college and treated with the same diligence, proofreading, and savvy as your personal statement.

Additional Short Essays