"Yelena took my writing from good to near perfect."

"I am a high school senior who will be attending UC Berkeley next fall. My academics and leaderships made me a competitive candidate, but my personal insight questions, edited and shaped by Yelena, is one of the top reasons I will be attending the #1 public university in the world next fall. In terms of my writing, I had strong arguments; however, they were not so coherent and well structured. Then, Yelena came along and took my writing from good to near perfect.

Her amazing work even caught the attention of school officials as I was asked to read my personal statement during a school assembly. Thanks to Yelena, I believe that grades and academics do not reflect a person's qualities as well as a well-written essay. She has the power to turn a potential applicant into an admitted student, take my word for it.

I definitely recommend Yelena to individuals who need feedback or additional support in the application process. You will not regret it. The results speak for themselves, the professionalism is on point, and the feedback is off the charts. I am really thankful for her service and I am keeping her in high consideration for future academic endeavors."

—Beto, accepted to UCLA, UC Berkeley & more

"We applied to 6 private high schools. We could not done it without Yelena!"

"This year, our son applied to six San Francisco and California High Schools most of which required separate essays, short question answers, creative writing samples and parent statements. The amount of work was daunting and I doubt we could have gotten through it without Yelena. We started the application process by strategizing with Yelena on the best way to approach all the applications. We then set out the timeline with deliverables from both sides to make sure we could accomplish everything on time. Yelena encouraged us to write freely and give a lot of examples to help our son come alive before the Admission Committees. She then skillfully edited our answers to highlight his strengths and show how he was working on his weaknesses."

"As we moved along, to ease the process, Yelena created a master file with all of our answers so that we could reuse them efficiently. She not only edited each application package, but also helped us ensure that we were consistent between the parent and the student essays, covered everything we needed to, and were not repeating ourselves—no small feat with such a volume of work! I am very happy to say that we completed all the applications several weeks before the deadline and feel very good about them.  We could not have gotten this done without Yelena!"

—Regina, parent of Max, who was accepted to St. Ignatius College Preparatory

"Yelena went line by line for a far superior personal statement!"

"I reached out to Yelena with just 2.5 weeks until my early admission deadline.  I had already written a Law School Personal Statement, but my gut told me it could be better.  What I didn’t expect was for Yelena to encourage me to start from scratch! Yelena explained that my essay wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t impactful. My personal statement was telling more than showing and the story itself didn’t highlight my skills effectively. Still, I didn’t think I could write a better statement in just two weeks time, but Yelena set out a path to success. We started by brainstorming new ideas and discussing strengths and weaknesses from my original statement."

"Once a main idea was in place, Yelena helped develop an outline. From there, we set deadlines and turnaround times on both ends to ensure we were on target. Yelena’s notes were thoughtful, diligent, and thorough. She went line by line and explained where and why things worked and how they were useful. Even though we were across the country from each other, she was available by phone, text, and email which made communication seamless. I ended up with a personal statement that was far superior to the original one I had written. I would absolutely recommend Yelena’s services and wish I had enlisted her sooner. I already have her in mind to help my niece with her undergrad admissions essay."

—Jackie, accepted to UC Hastings Law School with a scholarship

"Extremely helpful tips."

"The personal statement is a critical part of the university application and Yelena offered extremely helpful tips about constructing a compelling essay. Yelena's advice enabled students to feel confident about expressing their voice and ideas. Students were comfortable asking questions and she graciously continued her conversations after the presentation. Thank you and I look forward to inviting Yelena to discuss personal statements in spring 2017." 

—Jessica Arkin, College Counselor


“A great eye for detail.”

“Yelena is an incredibly talented and helpful editor and thinker. Her sharp, discerning guidance has helped turn my (sometimes scattered) thoughts into effective essays and helped make those essays sing. She has both incredible big-picture vision and a great eye for detail. Yelena's wisdom has proved invaluable for me as a writer.”

Hannah, who was accepted to Bennington & Columbia’s MFA programs

"Shined a light on all my blind spots."

"Yelena provided my essay with the perfect pair of fresh eyes. She shined a light on all of the blind spots, showing me which content I needed to highlight more or less. And the best part? The revision process was conveniently done online via a Google Doc. Yelena gave lengthy and straightforward comments that were 100% helpful. Without her guidance, I'm not sure if my essay would've had the same impact. And I got a Dean's List Scholarship, the most prestigious one!!"

—Dara, accepted to the USC School of Social Work


“More personal and impactful.”

“The grammatical edits really helped with getting the word count to where it needed to be without leaving anything important out. The major thing that really helped me though was flushing out my anecdotal experiences to where they not only fit into the essay more smoothly, but overall felt more personal and impactful.”

Eric, who was accepted to U.C. Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego & more

"Yelena Shuster has been my editor, admissions counselor, and advisor all wrapped in one. I didn’t know the proper way to present myself and to stand out in a sea of students. After copious amounts of phone calls and video chats, I knew what parts of myself I wanted to present for these complicated questions. She went through my paper with a fine tooth comb turning my paper into a better version of itself. She helped me with grammar, syntax, and punctuation mistakes without losing my voice in the process. Now, I’m about to enter my junior year of my dream school. I don’t know where I would be without Yelena’s guidance (probably not at my school). I fully intend on using her services again when it comes to my college applications."
— Anna, accepted to The Bay School & Lowell High School

“Insightful edits.”

"My professional career has involved writing in a variety of settings. Yelena can dive deep into a piece, no matter the format or subject, and come up with insightful edits that have pushed me to go beyond rote turns of phrase and aim for compelling, clear writing every single time."

— Amari, who was accepted to Stanford, Yale & Harvard Law Schools

“Taught me how to approach applications.”

"Working with Yelena not only improved my final product but taught me how to approach applications more effectively. Yelena turned my resume into a polished, visually appealing, and persuasive showcase of my achievements, and her advice helped me tailor my cover letters for specific positions."

Katie, who was accepted to the PhD Program in Comparative Lit at UT Austin

"Yelena crafted my ideas and interests into cohesive, thoughtful pieces of writing that fully captured 'me'—a truly tricky feat to do in under 500 words! Her positive attitude combined with deliberate, constructive adjustments made editing my college applications painless. Her personalized approach made sure that my essays didn’t turn out like everyone else’s. I was particularly impressed with Yelena’s versatility in adjusting her process to the individual universities I applied to, even across different countries.”
— Sarah, accepted to the University of Edinburgh & University of St Andrews

"An invaluable resource!"

"Yelena is not only a fantastic editor, but a great person to work with! Her edits deliver tactful, effective & pointed advice. This leads to a cleaner & more professional product. I benefited from Yelena’s resume, cover letter, and general application writing talents over the years at every stage of my academic and professional career (high school, college, law school, and post-grad job search)—she is an invaluable resource!"

—Yael, who was accepted to Barnard College & Cardozo Law School


"Meticulously editing word for word."

"Yelena lives and breathes writing & editing like no other person I know and she has certainly set high standards for me as my supervisor. Not only did Yelena welcome me to the Victoria's Secret email team with open arms and a positive attitude, her willingness and patience to pass down her knowledge of writing showed through her time sitting down with me and meticulously editing my work word for word — a testament to her attention to detail, personal care towards my writing, and solid leadership skills. Yelena has gone above and beyond — during my time working with her, she generously offered to help edit my personal projects, which significantly impacted the next big step in my career."



“One-on-one guidance.”

"Yelena's editing and one-on-one guidance has helped me get some highly sought-after opportunities. She has helped me brainstorm, edit, and complete multiple cover letters and essays, which have helped me get accepted into a well-respected educational program as well as have a more competitive footing landing multiple job opportunities."

— Simone, who was accepted to the Bay Area Teacher Training Institute


“More concise & effective.”

"Yelena edited my writing at Victoria's Secret for almost a year. Anyone who works with Yelena or has the privilege of learning from her is truly lucky. She is patient, good-natured, detail-oriented and an amazing instructor. She had an eagle eye for proofreading: everything from grammar and punctuation to removing wordy phrases and repetition. My copy became more concise, effective, and told a compelling story."

— Blair