Testimonial Tuesday: Accepted to UC Hastings Law School (with Scholarship!)

In this week's Testimonial Tuesday, I'm so honored to present Jackie's story, who was just admitted early decision to UC Hastings Law School—with a scholarship.

I reached out to Yelena with just 2.5 weeks until my early admission deadline.  I had already written a Law School Personal Statement, but my gut told me it could be better.  What I didn’t expect was for Yelena to encourage me to start from scratch! Yelena explained that my essay wasn’t bad; it just wasn’t impactful.
My personal statement was telling more than showing and the story itself didn’t highlight my skills effectively. Still, I didn’t think I could write a better statement in just two weeks time, but Yelena set out a path to success. We started by brainstorming new ideas and discussing strengths and weaknesses from my original statement.
Once a main idea was in place, Yelena helped develop an outline. From there, we set deadlines and turnaround times on both ends to ensure we were on target. Yelena’s notes were thoughtful, diligent, and thorough. She went line by line and explained where and why things worked and how they were useful.
Even though we were across the country from each other, she was available by phone, text, and email which made communication seamless. I ended up with a personal statement that was far superior to the original one I had written. I would absolutely recommend Yelena’s services and wish I had enlisted her sooner. I already have her in mind to help my niece with her undergrad admissions essay.