Testimonial Tuesday: Accepted to American University, SUNY Binghamton University & more!

I'm so excited to share another success story! Adam reached out to me with his original draft, which focused too much on the philosophical and not enough on the personal. We ditched the first draft & started from scratch to find a topic that is meaningful and shows his growth and leadership potential. After an hour of discussion and a new outline, Adam turned around a 3,000 word new draft that we edited down. We worked on finding his voice & making sure he sounded like himself and asked hard questions so that his essay was true and impactful and rose above cliches.

"I'm attending Binghamton University right now, planning on majoring in Biochemistry. I can't thank you enough for your help, I think my essay really stood out because I had plenty of great options to choose from despite my lacking high school GPA and the competitive pool I was put against. I learned a ton from working with you." -Adam, accepted to American University, SUNY Binghamton University, Rowan University, Rochester Institute of Technology & more!

"Yelena helped my son translate his ideas into a personalized storyline which gave credence to his self-proclaimed positive attributes as presented to her on his first draft.  He thought he had expressed himself well but her revision process entailed ditching the first draft, crafting a 3,000 word new draft which was then edited down. The essence of what he wanted to say in the first draft could now be seen clearly in print. She was thorough in her efforts to extract his accounts of any relevant and overlooked experiences so that the most meaningful could be presented on paper.  He was asked the whys of what he wrote to determine what was best to eliminate. Being mindful of looming application deadlines, she worked fast to edit yet she was supportive when my son couldn’t meet his assignment deadlines to her." -Kathleen