Testimonial Tuesday: Accepted to Smith College, Clark U & more!

Raina impressed me from the start—I knew she was proactive and independent when she found me on her own and took the initiative to reach out to me. She was a pro storyteller to boot, but even the best writers need an outsider's perspective to guide them. When you're so close to something (i.e., your life), it's tricky to figure out your essay topic, or what you should reveal about yourself and how. We ended up scrapping her first draft altogether and focusing on a totally new theme. I'm so thrilled to hear it worked—and that two admissions officers complimented her on the essay! 

"This year I got into all 8 of my top choice schools—and it is all thanks to Yelena. My essay was a mess when she began working with me. I had no clue what I was going to write about, or how I was going to do it alone.

"With Yelena, all my worries were whisked away. She was so willing to help in any way she could, and was patient every step of the way. We began with a comprehensive phone call where we talked for an hour or more about my life story and Yelena actually helped me narrow down a topic—which initially seemed like an impossible feat.

"Following this, she helped me develop an outstanding starter which I know grabbed the attention of admissions counselors and made them want to read more. After writing multiple drafts, Yelena even went above and beyond and compiled three different drafts into one impactful narrative by frankenstein-ing them together. She edited, deleted cliches and unnecessary material, and helped think up new lines for dramatic effect.

"All along, Yelena was sweet, compassionate, and determined to make my essay as best as it could possibly be. By the end of our journey, I truly felt my essay encompassed my personality and life experiences in less than 600 words. It is something my teachers, family members and friends were all astounded by.

"I even received two personal compliments about it from two different admissions counselors at top colleges. I know my essay played a huge role in my 8 college acceptances and I am eternally grateful for all of Yelena's help. I could not have done any of this without her and I appreciate it so much.  I highly recommend her services and hope you consider working with her—she's an angel from college admissions heaven."

—Raina, accepted to Smith College, Clark University, Mount Holyoke, University of Massachusetts Amherst & more