UC Berkeley Will Be Taking Your Rec Letters Now

  • The University of California is allowing all campuses to use letters of recommendation in admissions decisions for the first time for fall of 2018. BUT no more than 15% of freshman applicants can be asked to submit letters, and then only when schools need additional information to make an admissions decision. Don't get too excited: Letters will likely be used sparingly, since UC officials say 98% of admissions decisions are made using grades, courses, test scores, activities and essay responses on standard applications. [L.A. Times]

  • Well, this is awkward. Harvard's graduate theater program is suspending admissions for the next three years. The reason why is even worse: the federal government called out the institute for burdening its students with loan debt averaging about $78,000 each. [NYT]

  • Bookmark this: 2 Med School essays admissions officers loved. The cheat sheet? The same thing that makes your college admissions essay stands out works for grad school essays too: they're looking for something that shows your personality. Bonus points for channeling grit, humility or empathy. [US News]
  • 5 things you need to do before applying to business school. The Cliff's Notes version: know your career goals, choose your academic focus, master the math, speak with former students, and find the right school for you. [US News]
  • Don't forget to ask: does this essay sound like me? Any person who's editing you need to preserve your voice. Even when I edit line by line, I never change the tone so it always represents your personality. [Business Insider]
  • And last but not least, the Yale pizza essay heard around the world. [Grub Street]