Testimonial Tuesday: Accepted to Cornell University

JT & I worked together only weeks before his deadline and we had to completely scrap his first attempt at the Common App, which ended up being too philosophical and not personal enough. At the end of the day, we didn't really learn enough about him for the essay to stand out. After describing a few creative writing essentials, JT got the knack right away and came back with a totally new draft in record time. Once the Common App was in a good direction, we focused on personalizing his Cornell supplement so that the admissions officers could see his passion for the school right away. I'm so happy to see his hard work pay off!

"I sought out Yelena's help just one week before my application was due. Although I considered myself a proficient writer, I was having difficulty tailoring my writing to express my personal identity and my interest for Cornell University. Yelena worked with me over the phone and inspired me to consider the bigger picture and to incorporate a more creative narrative for my essay. She also kept me motivated and focused, providing a timeline of due dates. In just a couple of days, my essays went from bland mediocrity to a vivacious and impactful assortment of words. Yelena helped me eliminate extraneous phrases and wording that didn’t aid the overall momentum and suggested the practice of nighttime journaling to spur creativity and insight. She also helped me incorporate shorthand (like "Cornellian" and "A&S") to give my supplement an additional level of authenticity. Although my stats were competitive for Cornell University, I’m convinced that Yelena's input and editing are the main reason I was admitted."-JT, accepted to Cornell University