How to Get Strangers to Pay For Your College Tuition Money

  • With college costing more than 14 illegal kidneys, more students are turning to GoFundMe to pay for it. Over the past 3 years, more than 130,000 GoFundMe campaigns nationwide have raised $60 million from over 850,000 donations for college tuition and related expenses. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Careful out there...35% of 365 college admissions officers in a Kaplan Test Prep survey said they check social media during the admissions process. 47% said what they found had a positive impact on prospective students versus 42% who said what they discovered had a negative impact. [CNN]
  • WOOPS. Columbia accidentally accepted 276 prospective students to its Mailman School of Public Health—then took it back, following in the heels of Carnegie Mellon's and Tulane's similar screw-up last year. [NYT]
  • In more "fake" news, UPenn’s student-run newspaper, The Daily Pennsylvanianreports that Trump did not graduate in the top 15% of his class in 1968 and he did not make the dean’s list, despite his reported claims. [Philly Voice]
  • The vice president and dean of admission at Reed College went on Reddit to answer questions about the college admissions process. [SFGate]