😩😩😩 Class of 2021 Sets New Admissions Records

  • Maybe you should sit down for this...Applications have skyrocketed to Ivy League schools. Cornell got 47K+ apps and accepted only 12.5% (a record low). UPenn had 40K+ apps and admitted only 9.15%—the lowest in history. Brown had 32K+ apps and accepted a record low of 8.3%. Stanford got 44+ apps and admitted just 4.65% of that application pool, another historical lowest rate. [USA Today]
  • Time to study up: The Common App has some changes for 2017 [WashPo]
  • In more depressing news, applications coming from low-income students, particularly those at under-resourced high schools, may not come with enough context to accurately portray the magnitude of the student’s success. [MarketWatch]
  • File this under self-preservation: Princeton files a lawsuit to block the release of its admissions records [USA Today]
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  • Calling all doctor wannabes! Everything you need to know about conquering the MCAT [USA Today]