Testimonial Tuesday: Accepted to Lehman & Hunter College in NYC

I met Robert at a complimentary workshop I led at a local public high school. (If you're interested in hosting me for an admissions essay seminar, please get in touch). Robert was softspoken and quiet, and his essay impressed me right from the opening line: "Sometimes I feel like my second-grade self." I love how it is mysterious and compelling at the same time: like any good opener, it implores you to keep reading. For the rest of the essay, we focused on developing a conversational tone, diving deeper to make every detail and anecdote stand out, and removed any wordiness and repetition for smooth reading and word count.

"I have to thank you for all your help! Ms. Shuster's techniques for helping students with their essays are astonishingly effective. She just doesn't limit herself to fix our essays, but rather to make us part of the essay's revision by asking us questions about us that can help in the editing process. She also ensures we are comfortable with her suggestions. Without Ms. Shuster, I doubt I would have had been able to be as confident about both my personal statement and supplements. All of this is pro-bono."
—Robert, accepted to Lehman, Baruch, Hunter, UW-Madison, Fordham, Marist College & more